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CANTEX Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved full product line print catalog. This is the first CANTEX full product line print catalog to contain the CANTEX PVC electrical product line in its entirety, including all of our newer products from our most recently extended PVC electrical conduit, box and fitting lines. The new catalog is designed to complement the new eCommerce-style website catalog we launched last year. The new CANTEX full line product catalog includes additions to the CANTEX EZ BOX® line of PVC electrical switch, outlet and ceiling boxes. It also includes the latest products added to the EZ FLEX® ENT line with the CANTEX acquisition of JP South. The EZ FLEX line is a comprehensive line of non-metallic flexible tubing and fittings. The new catalog also features additions to the CANTEX Enviro-Flex® liquid-tight PVC conduit & fittings line; as well as updates to our schedule 40 & 80 PVC conduit and fittings scope of products. More of CANTEX’s PVC conduit and fittings for the telephone, power utilities and communications markets and additional product ... Read Full Post

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Repeat Customers Buy More and Cost Less---The Importance of Customer Retention

Repeat customers buy products, buy more products and they buy more products year after year. It’s that simple! For the most part, they are the most dependable revenue for most companies. This should be enough of a reason to try to keep them… right? However, there is more value to maintaining existing customers than many companies realize. Customer retention is always cheaper than obtaining new customers. Data consistently shows that it is always much more cost-effective to keep a customer than it is to bring in new customers. According to the Harvard Business Review, acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing customer depending upon the type of business.1 Customer loyalty is not only less expensive; it also has a better rate of return according to research. No matter where you look, the statistics for the return on investment for existing clients is much better than it is for new customers. “Further, a returning customer purchases 30 percent more items and brings in three to seven times more revenue per order,” according to INC ... Read Full Post


Leverage PVC Electrical Product Improvements---Let Your Customers Know

Evolving customer needs, technological improvements, and customer input are just a few factors that lead manufacturers to the decision to improve a product. At CANTEX, we value what our customers tell us, so we continually seek to make changes when the end-users believe we can improve any of our PVC electrical products. We also pay close attention to construction and technological changes in the industry that necessitate different functionality to make sure we are meeting customer needs. Improvements to our PVC electrical products help keep customers happy and help us to continue to outperform the competition. For over 60 years, the PVC electrical product engineers at CANTEX have stayed ahead of the industry by continually seeking ways to improve product designs for better functionality. They strive to insure that our products exceed industry standards and provide the best solutions for specific applications. CANTEX engineers recently made three such product improvements to our PVC electrical base spacer, intermediate spacer and our ½ and ¾ inch male terminal adapters.  We heard from several customers last year that although certain design features of our ... Read Full Post

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TED Magazine Reports: CANTEX Invests in Expansions and Hiring to Meet Demand

TED Magazine, the ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTOR Magazine, published the following article this in November on CANTEX’s recent capital improvements: Click to Read Article in TED Magazine Fort Worth, Texas - After an almost 20% increase in production this year, CANTEX Inc., one of the largest manufacturers of American-made PVC electrical products, is in the middle of a major capital expansion program at its manufacturing plants nationwide. With similar projections for growth over the next three years, the addition of millions of dollars in new equipment is necessary to service the growth of existing accounts and to prepare for a projected influx of new business. 100 jobs have also been added at CANTEX facilities nationwide to help meet increased demand. Blending machines, extrusion and fabrication machines have been added at CANTEX plants in order to keep up with the increased production of CANTEX’s American-made PVC electrical, conduit, fittings, and boxes. This additional equipment will help CANTEX maintain the same level of quality and superior service amidst the significant increase in the sales of PVC conduit, fittings, and boxes. “As a company, CANTEX continues to grow in ... Read Full Post

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Keeping the Human Touch in PVC Electrical Product Sales

More Digital Shouldn’t Mean Less Personal in the Information Age... Overall, the Digital Era has been inspiring, fast and inescapable. It is quite amazing how far we’ve come in such a short period of human history. So many of the things we take for granted weren’t even in the realm of possibility just a few decades ago. Today, shoppers can usually learn anything about any product with just a click. Consequently, they do a significant amount of online research before making a purchase.In the last two issues of Industry Insights, we discussed the many benefits of digital marking for sales in the fast-paced Information Age we live in. In this issue, we are actually going to talk about one of the “cons” of online sales and how that “con” can be easily turned into a major “pro” when selling PVC electrical pipe, fittings, boxes and accessories. So what is the big negative or “con” that we face in the wide-open world of digital sales? While most shoppers have become accustomed to the immeasurable amount of product information available on the internet and ... Read Full Post

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Empowering Business with Technological Trends (Part 2)...Connecting with the Information Age

Just as you wouldn’t fish for trout in the ocean or for flounder in a freshwater stream, you wouldn’t want to advertise your PVC electrical products without knowing that you are fishing in the right pool of potential customers. Fortunately, in the world of digital marketing, you can target very specific markets and track results using real-time data. Digital tracking also lets you see which ads are working and which ones are not. A day of digital marketing is a lot like any day of fishing, because you can easily change ad locations and ad concepts when you aren’t catching anything or getting any bites. With over 80% of Americans shopping online and even more researching products online before making purchases, you can be almost certain that people clicking on internet ads are more likely ready to purchase than people reading advertisements in magazines in their doctors’ offices or at lunch. After all, what is the first thing most people do today when they want to purchase something? They Google it! As a result of all that Googling, you can ... Read Full Post

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TED Magazine, one of the electrical distribution industry’s most prominent trade publications, published an article this month about the new and improved CANTEX website.  Check it out at  Read Full Post

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CANTEX Takes the Gold!

CANTEX is very happy and proud to announce that we were recently named a recipient of the IMARK Group’s Gold Supplier Award for 2017! CANTEX was recognized for “active involvement, commitment and support of IMARK and its members." IMARK Group, Inc. is a member-owned marketing group made up of over 830 electrical distributors throughout the US.  Over 3,000 electrical distribution branch locations are served by the members of the IMARK Group who represent 18% of the electrical distribution industry.    “What’s better than receiving recognition from a huge group of colleagues, many of whom work with CANTEX and our products on daily basis?  We are truly honored and thankful that we have earned the respect and trust of electrical distributors nationwide,” said CANTEX Vice President of Sales & Marketing Dave Merker about the prestigious electrical industry award.  At CANTEX, getting recognized by our peers for our commitment and support always makes us strive to do even better especially when we take home the Gold. The plan is to start training for 2018 with our eyes on the Platinum! Read Full Post

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Empowering Business with Technological Trends in 2018

Have you ever watched a great fisherman? Great fishermen are always very alert to everything going on around them and they are always prepared for all possible fishing scenarios.  The very best fishermen pay very close attention to the weather, time of day, water activity, and signs of fish or other wildlife around them.  They also know how to adapt to all changes to the fishing environment in order to target the type of fish they’re after. You will always find the greatest fishermen in the best possible fishing location with the best possible equipment, and the best possible bait or lure. In the same way, any industry can better target market share by examining the changes to the climate of the industry and preparing accordingly. One of the most important changes to watch along with the economy is how technological advancements are affecting a particular industry. Keeping up with the fast pulse of innovation helps businesses capitalize on opportunities that arise from technological innovations.  Similarly, knowing about the effects of technological advancements on the electrical industry can help us ... Read Full Post

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All That’s New at CANTEX!

At CANTEX, we are powering up with lots of changes in 2018. All these changes are part of our efforts to keep up with change and growth and to empower all our sales channels with the tools necessary to meet our customers’ needs. THE HIGHLIGHTS: At corporate, we are currently in the middle of a JD Edwards upgrade to provide better more efficient and user-friendlier solutions to our staff and channel partners so they have more time for customers. To make things even better and faster, our new agent portal is in the final testing stage to be released in the next month or so.  The agent portal will give our agents and sales team log-in access to our new website for quick access to order entry, shipping orders, transfer orders, reports and inquiries, order confirmations and a user-friendly online catalog with better product information all in one place! On the manufacturing side, we are in the midst of an expansion project at the Kingman, Arizona Plant for both pipe and elbow capacity.  Expansion of the Kingman plant includes the following: ... Read Full Post