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CANTEX Wins the Gold! June, 2024 CANTEX was recently awarded the 2023 IMARK Gold Supplier Award. This award is presented to IMARK supplier members for “active involvement, commitment and support of I ...Read Full Article Doubling Down at NEMRA24 March, 2024 The National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association (NEMRA), an electrical industry association comprised of sales representatives and manufacturers, held the ...Read Full Article IN THE NEWS: Is Imported PVC Conduit Compliant? March, 2024 CANTEX President Dave Merker was recently quoted in TED Magazine on the subject of non-compliant imported PVC Conduit. 

Excerpt from TED Magazine:

As g ...Read Full Article
IN THE NEWS: CANTEX Names New Sales Representative for Upstate NY March, 2024

Excerpt from TED Magazine:

CANTEX INC. announced C.C. Pierce Company as their new sales representative for PVC electrical pipe, fittings, and boxes for the no ...Read Full Article
FRM NAMES AWARD AFTER DON WIRTANEN January, 2024 CANTEX is honored that FRM, one of our valued sales partners, named a prestigious award after our former President Don Wirtanen. Wirtanen was the President of CANTEX from 1 ...Read Full Article CANTEX LAUNCHES NEW CUSTOMER WEB PORTAL January, 2024
Excerpt from TED Magazine:
FORT WORTH, Texas---CANTEX INC. launched a new customer web portal this month as part of ongoing efforts to enhance its customer service ...Read Full Article
CANTEX LAUNCHES NEW PVC ADJUSTABLE SWITCH AND OUTLET BOX August, 2023 CANTEX recently developed a better, easier to install adjustable box with the user in mind. The NEW CANTEX EZ BOX® 1-gang adjustable PVC switch & outlet ...Read Full Article CANTEX Receives Three Sales and Marketing Awards August, 2023 The CANTEX Sales and Marketing Department recently received recognition from both IMARK and TED Magazine.

CANTEX’s Past, Present and Future of PVC Electric ...Read Full Article
Greater Demand for ENT Flexible Conduit March, 2023 According to a ResearchandMarkets.com study entitled “Global Electrical Market by Type, Material, End-use Industry, and Region” flexible electrical con ...Read Full Article CANTEX Sales Agents in the News March, 2023

Excerpts from TED Magazine:

Cascade Western Representatives

Cascade Western Representatives Inc. (CWR) will be its new sal ...Read Full Article
Electrical Manufacturers and Representatives All In for 2023 after NEMRA23 February, 2023 The National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association (NEMRA) held NEMRA23, its Annual Conference, in January and February. The NEMRA Annual Conference is a pre ...Read Full Article Bell & McCoy Names CANTEX Manufacturer of the Year February, 2023 CANTEX is excited to announce that we were named Manufacturer of the Year by Bell & McCoy for 2022 in honor of our support and commitment as a manufacturer. Bell & ...Read Full Article CANTEX VP of Sales & Marketing Awarded for Serving on NEMRA Executive Committee February, 2023 CANTEX Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dave Milius received an award at NEMRA23, the annual conference of the National Electrical Manufacturers Representative Associa ...Read Full Article TED MAGAZINE REPORTS: CANTEX Hires New Regional Sales Manager January, 2023 FORT WORTH, Texas ― CANTEX INC. is thrilled to announce that Paul Munce has joined CANTEX as the Regional Sales Manager for the eastern U.S. region. Munce brings over ...Read Full Article Why Has PVC Electrical Pipe Become Increasingly Popular? August, 2022 According to Global Newswire, the global PVC pipe market is projected to surpass $9.95 billion by 2030; it is expanding at a CAGR of 4.4% from 2022 to 2030. Why has PVC pip ...Read Full Article This Year’s NAED National Meeting was Memorable for CANTEX June, 2022 This year’s National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) National Meeting at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona in May was particul ...Read Full Article CANTEX Wins IMARK Gold! June, 2022 We are thrilled to announce that CANTEX recently received the IMARK Group’s Gold Supplier Award for 2021 for “active involvement, commitment and support of IMAR ...Read Full Article Electrical Manufacturers and Representatives Meet the Challenge at NEMRA22 February, 2022 The National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association (NEMRA), an electrical industry association comprised of sales representatives and manufacturers nationwid ...Read Full Article The New Year Brings Changes to CANTEX Sales Team February, 2022 A New Year often brings change, and this New Year brought many changes to the sales team at CANTEX.  On the retail side, Kim Kenimer was promoted to National Retail Sa ...Read Full Article CANTEX Appoints New Customer Service Manager November, 2021 CANTEX is excited to announce that Brandis Daniel has been promoted into the position of Customer Service Manager for CANTEX effective January 3, 2022 upon Jo Johnson&rsquo ...Read Full Article CANTEX Announces New National Retail Sales Manager Position November, 2021 The CANTEX executive staff is excited to announce the promotion of Kim Kenimer to the role of National Retail Sales Manager. Kim will begin her new position effective immed ...Read Full Article Post-COVID Marketing Strategies Can Help with Supply and Demand Issues October, 2021 Economic disequilibrium happens when external forces cause a disruption in the market's supply and demand equilibrium. When this happens, the market enters a period when su ...Read Full Article TED MAGAZINE REPORTS: CANTEX Hires New Regional Sales Manager for Central United States September, 2021 Fort Worth, Texas―CANTEX Inc. is excited to announce that Richard Thornton has joined CANTEX as the Regional Sales Manager for the Central U.S. region. Tho ...Read Full Article Growth in PVC Electrical Markets After the Pandemic September, 2021 According to the Wall Street Journal and the Chief Global Economist at Decision Economics, Allen Sinai, the current U.S. economic situation is “without historical par ...Read Full Article CANTEX Launches Major Capital Investment Program May, 2021 TED Magazine Excerpt: FORT WORTH, Texas — In an effort to help offset the historical challenges currently impacting PVC electrical manufacturers, CAN ...Read Full Article National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association 2021 February, 2021 The National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association (NEMRA) a not-for-profit, electrical industry association comprised of independent sales representatives a ...Read Full Article Quality, Informative & Important Product Information February, 2021 One fact of life in this Information Age is that people want lots of good information about anything they are interested in purchasing at the click of a button. What is the ...Read Full Article CANTEX PVC PIPE IN THE NEWS November, 2020 By Kara Bowlin - Conduit is a mighty mainstay of the electrical distributor’s catalog. Simple and straightforward, both steel and PVC conduit have become an important ...Read Full Article Prioritizing Customer Care Durring the Pandemic November, 2020 There is no doubt that COVID has significantly affected the lives of most people in one way or another. Consequently, millions of people feel isolated and have experienced ...Read Full Article CANTEX Receives CSM Vendor of the Year Award October, 2020 CANTEX recently accepted the Continental Sales & Marketing (CSM) Vendor of the Year Award for 2020 with great honor.  Continental Sales & Marketing is one of t ...Read Full Article The Importance of Digital Marketing During the Pandemic July, 2020 The shutdown of many sales channels such as live events, conferences, trade shows and most face-to-face business is creating a huge marketing challenge for many businesses ...Read Full Article Electrical Distribution During the Pandemic July, 2020 If you have ever driven a boat, you are well aware that it is a bit more challenging than driving a car. There are no landmarks or roads to follow, very few signs and many ...Read Full Article Dave Milius Appointed to NEMRA Manufacturing Group Executive Committee March, 2020 Dave Milius, the new CANTEX Vice President of Sales and Marketing, was appointed to the NEMRA Manufacturing Executive Committee in February.  Milius’ appointment ...Read Full Article Powering the Next Decade - Presentation 2020 March, 2020 The past decade has seen extremely rapid transformation to all things electrical brought on by the innovation of digital space; you can see it everywhere you look. Our ever ...Read Full Article Investing in SEO for Electrical Distribution November, 2019 Believe it or not! 2020 is quickly approaching, and the further we get into this digital age, the harder it becomes to even imagine any purchase being made without some sor ...Read Full Article Product information | Catalog or Product Sell Sheets Available November, 2019 Whether you are looking for the CANTEX Full Product Line Catalog or for individual product sell sheets for any CANTEX PVC electrical products, we have the product literatur ...Read Full Article New Sales & Marketing Vice President for CANTEX November, 2019 TED Magazine Article Excerpt:  FORT WORTH, Texas — Cantex Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Dave Milius to the role of Vice President Sales &am ...Read Full Article New President for CANTEX August, 2019 FORT WORTH, Texas — Cantex Inc. announced that Dave Merker, former Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CANTEX, has been named President of CANTEX effective ...Read Full Article Honoring Don Wirtanen July, 2019 Upon his untimely passing, CANTEX President Don Wirtanen was honored on July 18, 2019 with an article about his passing taking the lead story in TED Magazine, one of the el ...Read Full Article Bring Life to Your Electrical Distribution Marketing with Videos June, 2019 It doesn’t take much research to find out that people watch a tremendous amount of videos today! In fact, some of the craziest videos on YouTube go viral and receive ...Read Full Article CANTEX LAUNCHES A NEW FULL LINE PVC ELECTRICAL PRODUCT PRINT CATALOG June, 2019 CANTEX Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved full product line print catalog. This is the first CANTEX full product line print catalog to contain t ...Read Full Article Repeat Customers Buy More and Cost Less---The Importance of Customer Retention March, 2019 Repeat customers buy products, buy more products and they buy more products year after year. It’s that simple! For the most part, they are the most dependable revenue ...Read Full Article Technological Improvements & Customer Input March, 2019 Evolving customer needs, technological improvements, and customer input are just a few factors that lead manufacturers to the decision to improve a product. At CANTEX, we v ...Read Full Article TED Magazine Reports: CANTEX Invests in Expansions and Hiring to Meet Demand November, 2018 TED Magazine, the ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTOR Magazine, published the following article this in November on CANTEX’s recent capital improvements:

Fort Wort ...Read Full Article
Still Provide the Personal Sales Touch in the Digital Era October, 2018 Overall, the Digital Era has been inspiring, fast and inescapable. It is quite amazing how far we’ve come in such a short period of human history. So many of the thin ...Read Full Article marketing strategy Empowering Business with Technological Trends (Part 2)...Connecting with the Information Age July, 2018 Just as you wouldn’t fish for trout in the ocean or for flounder in a freshwater stream, you wouldn’t want to advertise your PVC electrical products without kno ...Read Full Article CANTEX Industry News July, 2018 TED Magazine, one of the electrical distribution industry’s most prominent trade publications, published an article this month about the new and improved CANTEX websi ...Read Full Article Named a Recipient of the IMARK Group's Gold Supplier Award May, 2018 CANTEX is very happy and proud to announce that we were recently named a recipient of the IMARK Group’s Gold Supplier Award for 2017! CANTEX was recogni ...Read Full Article futurist image of humanoid leaning forward and a math equation in the background Technological Advancements & Trends in 2018 April, 2018 Have you ever watched a great fisherman? Great fishermen are always very alert to everything going on around them and they are always prepared for all possible fishing scen ...Read Full Article What's Happening at Cantex April, 2018 At CANTEX, we are powering up with lots of changes in 2018. All these changes are part of our efforts to keep up with change and growth and to empower all our sales channel ...Read Full Article Handling the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey’s Gulf Coast Devastation January, 2018 Natural disasters like hurricanes often hit so fast and with such a huge impact that the traumatic effects and lasting damage are beyond human comprehension. Since natural ...Read Full Article CAN>LOC™ and CAN>GRIP™ Help Meet Demands of Multibillion Dollar HDD Market January, 2018 The global horizontal directional drilling (HDD) market is expected to reach $14.95 billion by 2022, according to a recent report by Grand View Research, Inc. The HDD marke ...Read Full Article