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CANTEX EZ_FLEX ENT Tubing Installation

CANTEX EZ Flex ENT Tubing Installation

Discover why CANTEX EZ-FLEX® ENT Tubing is the lightweight, easy-to-use, affordable solution to metal and PVC conduit. Since ENT tubing is easy to measure, cut, fit and install without special tools, it is known for effectively cutting material costs, labor costs and overall project costs---as much as 50%.

CANTEX PVC Pipe Installation
CANTEX PVC Pipe Installation Video

This CANTEX PVC Pipe Installation Video features animated installations of PVC schedule 40 and schedule 80 pipe as well direct burial and encased burial conduit. Learn more about PVC conduit at

The CANTEX EZ Box Line

Discover the EZ in the CANTEX EZ Box Line of non-metallic electrical boxes. CANTEX is an American manufacturer of over a 100 styles of EZ Boxes in numerous sizes, configurations and applications.

CANTEX EZ BOX Adjustable Box Installation

CANTEX EZ BOX non-metallic adjustable switch and outlet boxes feature attached adjustable metal brackets that adjust to most drywall thicknesses and wall finishes with a simple turn of a screw.

CANTEX EZ GUARD Wildlife Protector

See how CANTEX EZ GUARD® Wildlife Protector helps the utility industry reduce the number of power outages and damage caused by animals while safeguarding susceptible wildlife from death.

CANTEX PVC Junction Box Installation Video

This CANTEX PVC Junction Box Installation Video features animated installations of CANTEX PVC Electrical Junction Boxes. Learn more about wall and ground installations for PVC Junction Boxes.

CANTEX CAN>GRIP Horizontal Drilling Conduit Installation

Discover how CANTEX CAN>GRIP PVC Horizontal Directional Drilling Conduit makes horizontal directional drilling (HDD) easier, faster and more cost effective.

CAN>LOC & CAN>GRIP HDD Conduit Installations

See how CAN LOC® and CAN GRIP® Horizontal Directional Drilling Conduit Systems provide watertight connections in seconds without the hassles of cement, solvents or clamp, saving time and labor costs.


CANTEX PVC Weatherproof Exposed Electrical Box Installation
Cantex PVC Weatherproof Box

This video highlights the installation process for CANTEX Exposed Weatherproof PVC electrical boxes. When an electrical connection is needed outside of a home, commercial or industrial building---or anywhere it might be exposed to the elements, weatherproof electrical boxes and covers are required. Find out why CANTEX Exposed Weatherproof PVC electrical boxes are an excellent solution for creating weatherproof connection points.