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The CANTEX EZ Box Line

Discover the EZ in the CANTEX EZ Box Line of non-metallic electrical boxes. CANTEX is an American manufacturer of over a 100 styles of EZ Boxes in numerous sizes, configurations and applications.

CANTEX EZ BOX Adjustable Box Installation

CANTEX EZ BOX non-metallic adjustable switch and outlet boxes feature attached adjustable metal brackets that adjust to most drywall thicknesses and wall finishes with a simple turn of a screw.

CANTEX EZ GUARD Wildlife Protector

See how CANTEX EZ GUARD® Wildlife Protector helps the utility industry reduce the number of power outages and damage caused by animals while safeguarding susceptible wildlife from death.

CANTEX CAN>GRIP Horizontal Drilling Conduit Installation

Discover how CANTEX CAN>GRIP PVC Horizontal Directional Drilling Conduit makes horizontal directional drilling (HDD) easier, faster and more cost effective.

CAN>LOC & CAN>GRIP HDD Conduit Installations

See how CAN LOC® and CAN GRIP® Horizontal Directional Drilling Conduit Systems provide watertight connections in seconds without the hassles of cement, solvents or clamp, saving time and labor costs.