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PVC Fittings and Accessories


What Type of PVC Electrical Fitting Do You Need?


Here’s a breakdown by product type.

Schedule 40 & Schedule 80 PVC Fittings

Schedule 40 & 80 PVC Fittings

CANTEX offers a complete line of quality Schedule 40 & Schedule 80 PVC Fittings including the following: a selection of PVC Adapter Fittings; PVC Conduit Bodies; PVC Conduit Clamp / Strap Fittings; Couplings; PVC Junction Boxes; PVC End Bells; PVC End Caps; PVC Expansion Couplings; PVC Insulating Bushing Fittings; PVC Long Line Repair Couplings; PVC Meter Offset Fittings; PVC Offset Fittings; PVC Poly Plug Electrical Fittings; PVC Pull Elbow Fittings; PVC Reducer Bushings; PVC Service Entrance Caps; PVC Swedged Reducers; and PVC Weatherproof Boxes and Covers.

PVC Flexible Conduit Fittings

CANTEX’s line of PVC Flexible Conduit Fittings includes the following:

  • ENT Fittings and Accessories including the following PVC Electrical Fittings:

ENT PVC Ceiling Boxes; PVC ENT Coupling Fittings; ENT Sealing Rings; PVC ENT Slab Boxes; EZ-Flex ENT Snap in Terminal Adapters; ENT Stubby Fittings; and PVC ENT Switch & Outlet Boxes.

PVC Enviro-Flex 90 Degree Liquidtight ConnectorsPVC Enviro-Flex Liquidtight Elbow; and PVC Enviro-Flex Straight Liquidtight Connectors.


Fittings for EB and DB


CANTEX carries all necessary PVC fittings for DB & EB Utility Duct, including the following specialty PVC Electrical Fittings: PVC DB Couplings; PVC DB60  Molded End Bells; PVC DB 5 Degree Couplings; and PVC DB Swedged Reducers.

PVC Telephone Duct Accessories

Since PVC Telephone Duct requires some specialty PVC Electrical Fittings, CANTEX manufactures PVC Telephone Duct Accessories, including but not limited to the following as well: PVC CAO Type C Couplings with No Center Stop and PVC CAO Type C 5 Degree Couplings.

PVC Fitting Accessories

As a single-source for all PVC Electrical Products, CANTEX also manufactures the following PVC Electrical Fitting Accessories: PVC Cement and Primer; PVC Spacers; and EZ Guard Wildlife Protector.

Do you still need more information about a particular PVC Electrical Fitting, contact CANTEX.

PVC Pipe Fittings And Accessories