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Bell & McCoy Names CANTEX Manufacturer of the Year

February, 2023

CANTEX is excited to announce that we were named Manufacturer of the Year by Bell & McCoy for 2022 in honor of our support and commitment as a manufacturer. Bell & McCoy has represented CANTEX as a sales representative for over 39 years. Bell & McCoy represents the full line of CANTEX PVC electrical, pipe, fittings and boxes in Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

“The award recognizes market excellence, leadership, and ultimately superior partnership that allows both CANTEX and Bell & McCoy to win in the market and drive superior results,” explained Bell & McCoy Principal Chris Coursey.

 “Getting recognized by a sales representative that represents such an impressive line-card of manufacturers in the industry is truly and honor. We are thankful for this award and for our strong and long-standing partnership with Bell & McCoy,” said VP of Sales and Marketing Dave Milius about the award.