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CANTEX Industry News

July, 2018

TED Magazine, one of the electrical distribution industry’s most prominent trade publications, published an article this month about the new and improved CANTEX website. 

Excerpt from TED Magazine:

FORT WORTH, Texas — With online sales activity escalating in the electrical industry, CANTEX, INC., one of the largest manufacturers of American-made PVC electrical products launched a new modernized website as part of a marketing strategy for staying competitive in the information age. The number of online shoppers in the US reached 215.4 million in 2017 and is expected to hit 230.5 million in 2021, according to statista.com, so there is no doubt that the digital age will continue to explode. To help keep up with digital trends, CANTEX has made numerous significant improvements to www.cantexinc.com this year, including a real-time, searchable Product Catalog; a better, easier-to-find Product Resources Library; a sales Agent Search Tool; and a live Agent Portal for easier, faster online transactions.

“Even when consumers aren’t making an actual purchase online, almost every sale today begins with online research. With 80% of all shoppers searching online, digital product information is a key factor in almost every buying decision. Since websites are the number one source for online product research, CANTEX decided to make significant improvements to our website’s design, product content and functionality. We wanted to provide, contractors, consumers, agents and distributors with better, more accessible information. Our new online catalog enables everyone in our sales channel to find valuable product information via any device,” explained CANTEX Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Dave Merker.

The searchable real-time CANTEX Product Catalog is continually updated, so distributors, contractors, and consumers can easily search for the latest up-to-date information they need to buy or sell products using product numbers, keywords or competitor cross reference numbers. The screen responsive functionality of the website adds to the positive user experience of the product catalog putting marketing content, images, technical drawings, and safety data at the fingertips of anyone in the field on any mobile device.

“We live in an age where everyone has direct access to a tremendous amount of information literally at their fingertips. With all the information available today, consumers are much more in charge of their buying experience. Good, easy-to-find product information is crucial to sales today, so it was important for CANTEX to improve our online resources,” added Merker.

Other major changes to the www.cantexinc.com include better navigation to help direct purchasers to their next step. A well-constructed wireframe with clearly defined tabs and buttons along with an Agent Search Tool helps lead consumers to how to make purchases. Additionally, a new Portal was added to make business transactions easier. Sales agents can login to conduct business with real-time data on product availability, order status, and tracking information. They can also enter orders easier and faster than before.

Using online purchasing data, CANTEX is also now capitalizing on the internet’s ability to reach specific audience groups through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing strategies. This allows CANTEX to target those interested in purchasing PVC electrical equipment directly and makes more people in the industry aware of the 5000 PVC electrical product SKU’s manufactured and offered by CANTEX.

Read the full article in TED Magazine here: