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January, 2024

Excerpt from TED Magazine:

FORT WORTH, Texas---CANTEX INC. launched a new customer web portal this month as part of ongoing efforts to enhance its customer service experience. The new customer portal builds upon an advanced website architecture and an existing sales agent portal. The new portal was built to help navigate customer expectations and future growth in the modern computer age. This highly intuitive portal connects to CANTEX’s data and processes with automated functions, enabling customers to obtain information they need in real-time.

The portal is designed to improve and streamline both customer service and accounting services by providing customers with the information by simply logging onto the CANTEX website. The new portal offers an all-in-one source for users to view order history, track shipments, and view product information with pricing and availability with one click. Accounting information is also available to a customer’s designated accounting administrator.

The development of the new portal was led by an interdepartmental team consisting of staff from the Sales and Marketing, IT, and Accounting Departments. The team strove to build a user-friendly, real-time data system that would meet the needs of CANTEX customers and complement the existing sales agent portal.

“The new customer portal will allow our distributors to access information for which they previously had to contact customer service or accounting. Giving customers access to information that they need daily will help us take care of them more efficiently. It will also give our customer service team more time to keep orders moving and circumvent potential hold-ups,” explained Brandis Daniel, CANTEX Customer Service Manager.

In addition to access to orders, shipping, and account information, CANTEX customers can also export reports, create lists for future orders, and submit inquiries all in one place. All these features are designed to make the CANTEX information base more visible and empower customers through self-service.

“In an era where an immeasurable amount of information is available at our fingertips, people have become less patient when they need data. Real-time access is what businesses must provide today to deliver the service their customers expect. CANTEX is excited to move to this next level of customer service,” said Dave Milius, Vice President Sales and Marketing for CANTEX.

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