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CANTEX Launches Major Capital Investment Program

May, 2021

TED Magazine Excerpt: FORT WORTH, Texas — In an effort to help offset the historical challenges currently impacting PVC electrical manufacturers, CANTEX INC., one of the largest manufacturers of American-made PVC electrical products, recently launched a major capital investment program. After experiencing disruptions to production caused by the pandemic, hurricanes, a record-breaking cold front in Texas, as well as resin shortages, CANTEX began investing in increased production capacity at its facilities nationwide to help overcome unavoidable slowdowns.

CANTEX is hopeful that the multi-million dollar investment will also help position them to meet the product demand resulting from major increases in PVC electrical pipe and fittings sales in recent years. With continued projections for increased demand in the foreseeable future, the investment into new equipment is essential to service the growth of existing customers and to prepare for projected demand from new business.

CANTEX has been making American-made PVC electrical products since the 1950s. They sell a full line of PVC electrical products.

New molding machines, high-speed automation equipment, and a state-of-the-art computer system designed to improve speed from order entry to product delivery and protect from cyberattacks are all part of the capital investment plan for improving production and customer service levels. The new equipment is expected to improve production speed to keep up with the increased demand for CANTEX’s American-made PVC electrical pipe, fittings, and boxes.

“The new equipment and expansion capabilities will help CANTEX maintain levels of quality and service amidst significant increases in the sales of PVC electrical pipe, fittings, and boxes. We also hope to increase efficiency on our end to help offset any challenges that arise from the pandemic or other factors,” explained CANTEX Vice President of Sales & Marketing Dave Milius.

“With increases for most CANTEX electrical product lines for the fourth year in a row, these capital improvements are necessary to keep up,” added Milius.

The new equipment will increase capacity for the production of PVC electrical pipe, fittings and boxes at CANTEX manufacturing plants nationwide. As part of the investment plan, CANTEX also increased staff at manufacturing facilities to help with the additional capacity.

“As a company, CANTEX continues to invest in our ability to meet the needs of existing customers and new customers by providing better quality and striving to meet demand despite unforeseen challenges like the ones we experienced in 2020 and in the first quarter of 2021,” said CANTEX President Dave Merker.

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