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Doubling Down at NEMRA24

March, 2024

The National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association (NEMRA), an electrical industry association comprised of sales representatives and manufacturers, held the NEMRA24 Annual Conference in January and February. Close to 2,000 Electrical suppliers and representatives from across the U.S. participated in this important industry event, which began in January and finished on February 3, 2024.

CANTEX was a gold level sponsor of this year’s conference, which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada for the second year in row. This year’s theme was fittingly “Doubling Down.” While the in-person NEMRA24 conference took place at the Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 30 to February 3, 2023, the suppliers’ large group presentations were virtual again this year and took place in mid-January.

Over 150 CANTEX sales representatives participated in the CANTEX virtual presentation in January where CANTEX staff discussed 2023 triumphs and presented their “Doubling Down” strategies for 2024. 2024 tactics include identifying industry trends; knowing the challenges; and knowing where and how to double down in 2024.

Dave Milius, VP of Sales and Marketing for CANTEX began by explaining that not all definitions of the phrase double down pertain to gambling. He explained that doubling down is also strengthening one’s commitment to a particular strategy and becoming more resolute to a course of action. He then shared CANTEX’s resolute strategies for remaining competitive in 2024. The strategies he highlighted for 2024 included focusing on the present strong markets for PVC electrical products, including renewable energy, non-building construction, industrial, aviation, sports centers, and data centers. A few of the strategies for improvement outlined by Milius included the addition of a new molding plant and distribution center; new equipment; increased automation, reimplementation of the CANTEX database and processes; and a new customer web portal.

“By focusing our efforts, we sustained success in 2023 despite construction declines in certain areas. This year we will refocus on the markets where PVC electrical product sales are now thriving,” said Milius. “At CANTEX, we will also be doubling down on improvements to our manufacturing facilities, technology and processes to help keep up with the growth we continue to experience,” added Milius.

At the NEMRA24 in-person conference in Vegas, manufacturers attended business conferences and panel discussions and met with representatives in one-on-one sessions. CANTEX sales staff and CANTEX President Dave Merker met with sales representatives from across the country. The sales agents presented their 2023 achievements, 2024 forecasts, and their own strategies for "Doubling Down" in 2024. Most sales representatives conveyed that business has been good and will stay strong throughout 2024 despite unpredictable media forecasts.