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National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association 2021

February, 2021

The National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association (NEMRA) a not-for-profit, electrical industry association comprised of independent sales representatives and manufacturers held its 21st Annual Conference in February. The NEMRA Conference looked very different this year because of COVID. However, while there wasn’t a big hotel with lots of conference rooms and in-person meetings, the show did go on with the NEMRA 21 Recharge Virtual Conference, February 2 - 5, 2021. Along with the usual one-on-one meetings, manufacturers held virtual large group meetings to inform everyone about the current market, the industry and manufacturing developments. This year, playing off of NEMRA’s 2021 theme, CANTEX presented a virtual conference entitled Recharged to over 70 sales agents on February 3rd. The CANTEX presentation focused on opportunities for growth surrounding electrical distribution amidst the challenges of a worldwide pandemic. 

During the presentation CANTEX Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dave Milius discussed key factors that led to an incredibly “Recharged” year for sales of CANTEX products in 2020 despite the challenging times facing many businesses. Milius attributed large percentage increases in sales for CANTEX PVC electrical pipe, bends, fittings and PVC electrical switch and outlet boxes to many factors, including the GDP and single family and multi-family housing growth. According to Milius, other market factors that contributed to large increases in the sales of CANTEX PVC electrical products included nationwide upsurges in the construction of data centers, large government projects, border walls, airport expansion, roadway construction, commercial buildings and strong retail growth.

Milius also explained how strong capital investment into the CANTEX production facilities helped meet the demands of sales growth, enabling CANTEX to continue to provide good customer service amidst trials. He also attributed CANTEX’s position as a one-stop-shop for American-made PVC electrical pipe, electrical fittings and boxes to the successful sale growth of 2020 that has continued into 2021.

“According to Forbes Magazine internet hits surged between 50% and 70% during the Coronavirus pandemic with most people isolated and working at home,” explained CANTEX Marketing Manager Jayne Wilks, during the marketing segment of the presentation.1

Wilks discussed the role marketing played to help CANTEX maintain sales growth in 2020 during COVID. She reminded those in attendance that CANTEX made significant strides in expanding their digital footprint in recent years, investing time and resources into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), digital advertising, and Social Media platforms. The steps taken to improve digital marketing at CANTEX have led to millions of online ad impressions and millions of website page views each year. They also positioned CANTEX to benefit from the increased internet activity for most businesses during COVID.

Dave Milius also discussed indicators and strategies for continuing to recharge sales into 2021. These indicators included market strengths, CANTEX strengths, marketing assets, and sales momentum. Strategies included product focus, using marketing tools, and attaining forecast.

“There are several market factors and strategies in place to keep CANTEX Recharged for success throughout 2021, including a strong internet presence, strong capital investment, excellent customer relations, and an exceptional network of sales professionals. Several market strengths are also expected to remain strong. There’s still a great need for PVC electrical pipe, elbows, electrical fittings and boxes for the construction of data centers, roadways, commercial facilities, residential structures, and government facilities, as well as for airport expansion and power and telecom conversions. So there is no reason that CANTEX sales shouldn’t remain strong throughout 2021,” said Milius.

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