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January, 2024

CANTEX is honored that FRM, one of our valued sales partners, named a prestigious award after our former President Don Wirtanen. Wirtanen was the President of CANTEX from 1995 until his untimely passing in July 2019. Don Wirtanen, who was loved by everyone at CANTEX, began his 33-year career at CANTEX as a Product Sales Manager in 1986 and left behind an extraordinary legacy of contributions to the electrical industry and to the growth of CANTEX as a leading manufacturer of PVC electrical products.

The new Don Wirtanen Award is given to the Utility/Energy salesperson at FRM who excels in several areas during the year. The recipients are recognized for going above and beyond for their customers and manufacturers.

FRM’s Dave Keen was the first recipient of the Don Wirtanen Award. Congratulations Dave! CANTEX President Dave Merker was excited to present the Don Wirtanen Award to Dave Keen at the 2024 FRM Sales kickoff Meeting .