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TED Magazine Reports: CANTEX Invests in Expansions and Hiring to Meet Demand

November, 2018

TED Magazine, the ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTOR Magazine, published the following article this in November on CANTEX’s recent capital improvements:

Fort Worth, Texas - After an almost 20% increase in production this year, CANTEX Inc., one of the largest manufacturers of American-made PVC electrical products, is in the middle of a major capital expansion program at its manufacturing plants nationwide. With similar projections for growth over the next three years, the addition of millions of dollars in new equipment is necessary to service the growth of existing accounts and to prepare for a projected influx of new business. 100 jobs have also been added at CANTEX facilities nationwide to help meet increased demand.

Blending machines, extrusion and fabrication machines have been added at CANTEX plants in order to keep up with the increased production of CANTEX’s American-made PVC electrical, conduit, fittings, and boxes. This additional equipment will help CANTEX maintain the same level of quality and superior service amidst the significant increase in the sales of PVC conduit, fittings, and boxes.

“As a company, CANTEX continues to grow in the scope of our capabilities in order to meet the needs of existing customers, develop new customers, provide better quality and deliver finished goods in shorter amounts of time. Shareholders have been very supportive of investment for the allocation of funds based on the continued growth of CANTEX and our outstanding relationship with customers,” explained Vice President of Operations Steve Ediger.

Before the expansion is over, a total of 6 new electric molding machines will be added to CANTEX’s Texas plant in Mineral Wells  for the production of the CANTEX EZ BOX® PVC electrical boxes and PVC electrical fittings. Two electrical molding machines have already been added. These machines will significantly increase capacity for the production of PVC electrical fittings and boxes at CANTEX’s Texas plant. CANTEX has also taken a huge step towards powering-up the production of PVC electrical pipe and PVC telephone duct/conduit by investing in new vacuum calibration and extrusion equipment for the Texas manufacturing plant.

With the attainment of all the intellectual properties for JP South as well as all of their ENT and flexible conduit equipment, the CANTEX Aurora, Ohio plant is now a fully operational production facility for PVC flexible electrical conduit as well as PVC electrical non-metallic tubing (ENT) fittings. Although other companies bid on the JP South acquisition, CANTEX was chosen to acquire JP South in its entirety.

“This acquisition helps CANTEX, our agents, distributors and end users by giving us control of our entire supply chain for our PVC EZ-Flex® line. The comprehensive line of acquired equipment gives us more control from the onset of production through distribution, helping us to insure quality, a good cost value ratio, and efficacy for all of our PVC ENT (electrical non-metallic, tubing) products and PVC electrical flexible conduit products,” added Ediger.

Blending equipment was also added to the CANTEX Arizona plant in Kingman in the beginning of 2018 to accommodate the need for operating additional extrusion lines to meet sales requirements for PVC electrical conduit.

“Double digit percentage increases for most CANTEX product lines put 2018 in the top 3 sales years of CANTEX’s six decade history of manufacturing PVC electrical pipe, fittings, and boxes,” explained Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dave Merker.

Read the full article in TED Magazine here: