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Quality, Informative & Important Product Information

February, 2021

One fact of life in this Information Age is that people want lots of good information about anything they are interested in purchasing at the click of a button. What is the first thing you do when you want to purchase anything?  If you didn’t say “Google it” you definitely aren’t the norm in this century. Chances are, even if you’re planning to make your purchase in a brick and mortar facility, you will look for the product on the internet first. Consequently in 2021, there is no doubt that you will sell more products if you have the best product information with the best online access to that information. It doesn’t matter what you are selling.

According to a recent article in Electrical Wholesaling, Electrical Distribution customers are more mobile than ever before because mobile devices make it easy to access product information.1 This mobility makes easily accessible high-quality product information more crucial to successful Electrical Distribution than ever before.

According to manufacturing.net, a recent survey on online shopping activities indicated that consumers felt companies that provide detailed and accurate information about products are more trustworthy. The same survey indicated that consumers who received inaccurate and inconsistent product information are more likely to return products and give bad reviews, damaging brand reputation. Additionally, 87% percent of the consumers said they would be unlikely to repeat a purchase from a company that provided inaccurate product information. According to the same article, just one mistake can lead to losing customers and impact the financial health of sellers as well as manufacturers.2

What makes good product information?

Accuracy is the most obvious ingredient for good product information. Although accuracy is the most obvious ingredient, it isn’t always the easiest to obtain. Accurate product data requires the following steps:

  1. Researching the most accurate product information.
  2. Maintaining it as products continually change.
  3. Synchronizing your product information as much as possible will help you maintain correct product information across the internet. It will keep you from forgetting to change it in one location or another and from failure to report changes to sales channel partners.

Product information also needs to be well-done and appealing.  Both the written text and images should look the way you want people to perceive your products---excellent! One bad image of a PVC coupling, for example, could be a loss of thousands of dollars in sales of that product. Written content also needs to be easy to read, or people may jump to a different website to learn more about PVC couplings. While they are there, they just may decide to buy thousands of PVC couplings for a large project.

Search engine optimized text is another crucially important ingredient to good product information. It is what gets your product information found on the internet. Optimizing your text for search is all about putting product terms or key word phrases in your text that people will search online. For example, if you want your PVC junction boxes to be found on the internet, you must use that term a couple of times on your website’s junction box page. You should also use any other version of PVC junction box that people may search. You might include PVC electrical junction box or large junction box for example. Writing text that answers questions that people in the industry search for will also help you to do well in search results. For example, when you search for how to you install a PVC junction box, CANTEX appears number one, two and three on Google because our website content answers that question. If you are a CANTEX sales partner, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the marketing content available to you.

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