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CANTEX Announces New National Retail Sales Manager Position

November, 2021

The CANTEX executive staff is excited to announce the promotion of Kim Kenimer to the role of National Retail Sales Manager. Kim will begin her new position effective immediately. This new role will allow Kim to take an even larger role in overseeing and developing our rapidly expanding retail business.

Kim has been with CANTEX for over 27 years. She has held numerous positions in sales and marketing during her tenure and played a major role in helping to develop CANTEX’s retail channels. Kim has incredible knowledge of all things retail as well as PVC electrical products.

 “Kim has proven herself as a dedicated and dynamic part of our team and delivered fabulous results in her most recent position as Retail Sales Manager.  A hallmark of Kim’s performance has been strengthening relationships with our retail partners and implementing successful long-term sales strategies,” said Dave Milius, Vice President Sales and Marketing for CANTEX.

“I am thrilled for the opportunity to help CANTEX develop the retail side of our business further. We have a promising future ahead as we execute growth strategies and strive to improve retail sales channel communications, relationships, and customer service,” said Kim about her new role.