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Why Has PVC Electrical Pipe Become Increasingly Popular?

August, 2022

According to Global Newswire, the global PVC pipe market is projected to surpass $9.95 billion by 2030; it is expanding at a CAGR of 4.4% from 2022 to 2030. Why has PVC pipe become such a popular electrical product in recent years? There are several major trends, growth drivers, and product benefits that have impacted the overall growth of the PVC electrical conduit market.1

Product Demand

A key market driver for the global electrical market is the increasing demand for electricity and for the refurbishment of grid infrastructures. Rural electrification, modernization, up-gradation of connections, and a move towards underground electrical infrastructures have also helped the market grow.2

Durability and Corrosion Resistance

Some of the product benefits leading to the upsurge in demand for PVC conduit include its high tensile strength, endurance to extreme temperature conditions, ductility, and resistance to corrosion. All of these features have led to an increase in PVC pipe usage for many of the current construction project trends, according to Research and Markets.3 Since PVC is resistant to weather, chemicals, corrosion, shock and abrasion, it is has become the preferred electrical pipe choice for most long-life and outdoor projects.4

Easy to Handle and Install

Data Center Dynamics reports that PVC pipe has become popular for datacenters, which are a major construction growth driver for this decade. Data Center Dynamics cites two “basic” but “highly important” reasons for the use of PVC conduit for data center projects. PVC pipes are corrosion resistant and lightweight.5 Studies indicate that PVC pipe installation is 30% faster than other materials, which are much heavier and harder to transport and manage on construction sites.6 PVC is simply lighter, which significantly reduces handling difficulties. Additionally, it can also be cut, shaped, welded, and joined easily on site.7

Resilient and Malleable

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. It is a chlorinated hydrocarbon polymer. While it is rigid and brittle in its natural state, PVC becomes more resilient and malleable when combined with additives such as plasticizers. PVC pipes are very flexible, and they can flex without breaking from soil weight and heavy duty traffic. Rigid pipes, such as those made of concrete, clay or ceramic, are unable to flex when loaded and can experience wall-crushing and collapse when their load limit is reached. 8 PVC pipe is also more resistant to root intrusion.9

Long Service Life

PVC pipes were first installed over 80 years ago, and most of this electrical piping infrastructure is still being used today. PVC pipe actually has an expected lifespan of 100 years or more for underground pipes. Additionally, PVC piping systems have a much lower failure rate than other materials. +100-year durability and low maintenance costs make PVC pipe an excellent choice for piping infrastructures. According to a study conducted by the Chlorine Chemistry Council (CCC), the expanded use of PVC pipe has the potential to slash annual maintenance and repair costs by 93 percent or more in some instances.10 Greater longevity, lower purchase costs, lower installation costs, lower operational costs, and lower maintenance costs make PVC conduit the most cost-efficient choice. 11


Stringent regulations regarding the recyclability of materials such as metal and wood have also been a contributing market driver for PVC pipe, since PVC is easily recycled. PVC electrical conduit can be recycled several times without losing its technical properties.12 Additionally, PVC pipe is lighter so it requires less energy and less emissions to transport and install. It also needs to be replaced less often because of its durability, which also saves energy. Then, at the end of a PVC pipe’s life cycle, it can be easily separated from other plastics and recycled.13

This is just a summary of the product benefits, trends, and drivers contributing to the rapidly increasing market for PVC pipe. There are many other contributing factors. To learn more about CANTEX PVC PIpe, visit https://www.cantexinc.com/products/pipe-conduit

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