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EZ GUARD® Wildlife Protector

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According to the US Energy Information Administration, about 13 million people nationwide are affected by wildlife-caused outages each year. Animals are one of the most frequent causes of interruption to power. These interruptions are frustrating and very costly to utility companies who are continually trying to restore power and fix damaged equipment. Furthermore, when innocent, unsuspecting animal intruders come in contact with the live parts of line devices, the outcome is usually deadly for the poor critters. 

The CANTEX EZ GUARD® Wildlife Protector is designed to help the utility industry reduce the number of power outages and damages caused by animals by protecting the live parts of energized line devices. The impenetrable design of the CANTEX EZ GUARD Wildlife Protector also safeguards susceptible wildlife from death, and in some cases, protects utilities from penalties associated with destroying endangered, protected species. EZ GUARD can be used to protect the live parts of all distribution transformer primary bushings, lightning arresters, pole risers, capacitor banks, voltage regulators, primary metering, and line reclosers. 

The CANTEX EZ GUARD Wildlife Protector is the only wildlife protector on the market that is IEEE Certified for 25 KV after extensive dielectric testing, environmental aging, and UV endurance testing.  EZ GUARD Wildlife Protectors also feature a hinged design with superior patented locking system with an extra latch for a fast, seamless and secure installation.

Installation of the CANTEX EZ GUARD Wildlife Guard is literally A SNAP. The EZ locking system provides a dependable closure in seconds, without the need of any tape, zip ties or tools---making pole top installations easier for linemen. 

The unique shape of the CANTEX EZ GUARD Wildlife Protector makes it work for most wildlife protections needs. Instead of purchasing different types of PVC wildlife protectors, you will only need one wildlife mitigation product...the CANTEX EZ GUARD. It can be use as a lightning arrestor guard, transformer bushing guard, pole riser guard, capacitor bank guard, primary metering guard, voltage regulator guard, or line recloser guard. 

EZ GUARD also features feather-like combs on the very bottom which prevent slipping below the first skirt of an insulator while guarding against animal intrusion. Similar feather-like, combed cable and mounting port entrances also prevent wildlife intrusion around cables while guaranteeing easy cable installation. The cleverest of intruders whether birds, squirrels, raccoons, rodents or snakes, will not be able enter an EZ GUARD Wildlife Protector even when instincts tell them to nest.

patented locking system

EZ GUARD is made of durable element and UV resistant polyethylene with heavy wall construction. The precise material selection and extensive testing of our product engineers assures that the EZ GUARD Wildlife Guard is perfect for precision installation and for withstanding the harshest of environments for years of low maintenance protection.  

Feather like, combed port entranceEZ GUARD installation couldn’t be easier. It takes just seconds to install! Simply line up both the hinged sides of the EZ GUARD around the live part of the bushing or other line device. Next, just close the EZ GUARD Wildlife Protector until it snaps in place. You are DONE! In just seconds, the hinged design and patented locking system does all the work.

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CANTEX EZ GUARD Wildlife Protector prevents power outages and protects animals from possible electricution.

    • 25 KV use per IEEE Test 1656
    • UV resistant
    • Unique hinge and interlocking design for easy installation
    • Made in USA

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