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Bring Life to Your Electrical Distribution Marketing with Videos

June, 2019

It doesn’t take much research to find out that people watch a tremendous amount of videos today! In fact, some of the craziest videos on YouTube go viral and receive millions of views. 92% of people who watch videos on mobile devices share them with other people according to Forbes Magazine.1 It is all of this sharing that creates limitless opportunities for people to watch YouTube videos.

How can all of this video watching help you sell PVC electrical products? According to Small Business Trends, 80% of users remember video ads they viewed in the past 30 days.2  There are several reasons why video ads have better recall percentages than static ads and static website text. Video content is more likely to engage a viewer and ignite a response whether it’s emotional or intellectual. Animated videos tend to be particularly engaging because of nostalgia, simplicity and their entertainment value. With all of the information on the internet today, engaging consumer interest is more important than ever. Similarly, videos are very visual and auditory, making it easier for users to remember a product. That’s great news because when customers remember video content, they will also remember your brand, which translates to sales! According to Forbes 90% of people who watch product videos say they are helpful in their purchase decision making process.3

Video traffic globally will be 82% of all internet traffic by 2022, up from 75% in 2017 according to a Cisco recent CISCO white paper.4  If all of these statistics aren’t enough reasons for you to start using videos for marketing, perhaps the absolute best reason is that Google loves videos! In fact, Google owns YouTube and actually gives preference to websites with video content, putting sites with videos higher in the page rankings. Besides the preferential treatment for your website, product videos on YouTube sometimes show up on page one even if your product keyword ranking is on page 2 or even 102 of Google. So videos help get products on page one and get more people to your website!

The stats are in---video works! Because of these conclusive statistics, CANTEX has jumped on the video band wagon. CANTEX produced 5 product videos in 2018 and the first quarter of 2019  and several more are in the works. In our current video library, at https://www.cantexinc.com/resources/videos, you can find the following videos:

·         CANTEX EZ BOX® Line –An overview of the CANTEX switch, outlet and ceiling box line

·         CANTEX CAN>GRIP® Horizontal Drilling Conduit Installation Video- CAN>GRIP Installation footage   at a directional boring jobsite

·         CANTEX EZ BOX®Adjustable Box Installation – An animated installation video of our adjustable EZ BOX ® wall boxes

·         CAN>LOC® & CAN>GRIP® HDD Conduit Installations – An animated installation of both CAN>LOC® & CAN>GRIP® raceway/ directional boring conduit

·         CANTEX EZ GUARD® Wildlife Protector – An animated installation video of our EZ GUARD Wildlife Protector Guard, which protects animals from live electrical devices while preventing power outages

These PVC electrical product videos can be easily be linked to your website or Social Media platforms from CANTEX’s YouTube page at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-pkruVvWs0x-s-Q112PcMg.  So if you sell or distribute any of the PVC electrical products above, be sure to take advantage of these marketing tools. Also, keep checking our video page for new product videos. A PVC electrical conduit installation video is coming soon.

If we haven’t given you enough reasons to use video in your PVC electrical product marketing, this one may have you making a video today. Video marketing statistics show that video converts to sales! Small Business Trends reports that 70% of marketers say that videos produce more conversions than any other type of internet content and  eCommerce sellers say that product videos increase purchases in an online store by 144%.5  64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it according to Forbes. 6

Why are people more likely to buy a product if they watch a video? In this era of digital sales, videos are often the closest people get to product before they buy it. Buyers today often don’t have the opportunity to pick up products and see them from every angle like in the “brick and mortar store age.” Getting a closer look at products in videos builds trust in products much like test driving cars. Don’t take our word for it, watch a few CANTEX videos and see if you agree that videos can help you sell PVC electrical products. Watch here: https://www.cantexinc.com/resources/videos.

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