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June, 2019

CANTEX Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved full product line print catalog. This is the first CANTEX full product line print catalog to contain the CANTEX PVC electrical product line in its entirety, including all of our newer products from our most recently extended PVC electrical conduit, box and fitting lines. The new catalog is designed to complement the new eCommerce-style website catalog we launched last year.

The new CANTEX full line product catalog includes additions to the CANTEX EZ BOX® line of PVC electrical switch, outlet and ceiling boxes. It also includes the latest products added to the EZ FLEX® ENT line with the CANTEX acquisition of JP South. The EZ FLEX line is a comprehensive line of non-metallic flexible tubing and fittings. The new catalog also features additions to the CANTEX Enviro-Flex® liquid-tight PVC conduit & fittings line; as well as updates to our schedule 40 & 80 PVC conduit and fittings scope of products.

More of CANTEX’s PVC conduit and fittings for the telephone, power utilities and communications markets and additional product information for our PVC special radius elbows and bends are also included in the new catalog. Similarly, new specialized CANTEX products were added to the new catalog, including CANTEX’s CAN>LOC® and CAN>GRIP® trenchless raceway conduit and our EZ GUARD® Wildlife Protector, which protects animals from the live parts of electrical devices while preventing power outages. 

Benefits of the new CANTEX full product line catalog include the following:

  • Easier to find product information
  • Enhanced design
  • Improved product information
  • Improved product images
  • Clearly defined product benefits
  • Upgraded technical product data
  • Improved product branding

“Great product information and sales are more connected than ever before in the electrical distribution market, since everyone has direct access to a plethora of information in today’s Information Age. With consumers more in charge of their electrical distribution buying experience, CANTEX wants to be sure that we have the product information that our sales channel partners and end-users need,” explained CANTEX Vice President of Sales & Marketing Dave Merker about the new catalog and other recent marketing investments at CANTEX.