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Empowering Business with Technological Trends in 2018

Have you ever watched a great fisherman? Great fishermen are always very alert to everything going on around them and they are always prepared for all possible fishing scenarios.  The very best fishermen pay very close attention to the weather, time of day, water activity, and signs of fish or other wildlife around them.  They also know how to adapt to all changes to the fishing environment in order to target the type of fish they’re after. You will always find the greatest fishermen in the best possible fishing location with the best possible equipment, and the best possible bait or lure. In the same way, any industry can better target market share by examining the changes to the climate of the industry and preparing accordingly. One of the most important changes to watch along with the economy is how technological advancements are affecting a particular industry. Keeping up with the fast pulse of innovation helps businesses capitalize on opportunities that arise from technological innovations.  Similarly, knowing about the effects of technological advancements on the electrical industry can help us ... Read Full Post

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All That’s New at CANTEX!

At CANTEX, we are powering up with lots of changes in 2018. All these changes are part of our efforts to keep up with change and growth and to empower all our sales channels with the tools necessary to meet our customers’ needs. THE HIGHLIGHTS: At corporate, we are currently in the middle of a JD Edwards upgrade to provide better more efficient and user-friendlier solutions to our staff and channel partners so they have more time for customers. To make things even better and faster, our new agent portal is in the final testing stage to be released in the next month or so.  The agent portal will give our agents and sales team log-in access to our new website for quick access to order entry, shipping orders, transfer orders, reports and inquiries, order confirmations and a user-friendly online catalog with better product information all in one place! On the manufacturing side, we are in the midst of an expansion project at the Kingman, Arizona Plant for both pipe and elbow capacity.  Expansion of the Kingman plant includes the following: ... Read Full Post

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Handling the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey’s Gulf Coast Devastation

Natural disasters like hurricanes often hit so fast and with such a huge impact that the traumatic effects and lasting damage are beyond human comprehension. Since natural disasters are beyond man’s control, they often remind us of mankind’s limitations and of our greatest strengths when heroes and recovery strategies arise. During the aftermath, the shocking loss of lives, homes, communities and livelihoods is compounded by lasting effects on the economy within the geographic reach of the physical hurricane as well as within the reach of all affected industries. Unfortunately, a business doesn’t need to be located in the direct path of a hurricane to take a hit. Forbes magazine recently called Hurricane Harvey “one of the worst natural disasters to strike the U.S. in recorded history.”1 The catastrophic effects to the areas and people affected were plainly evident to anyone who looked at any news media in recent months. The less broadcasted outcome is the approximately $190 Billion dollars in economic loss also reported by Forbes magazine.2 Part of this huge multi-billion dollar loss came from the severe hit to the Texas coastline, a significant energy hub of the US and ... Read Full Post

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CAN>LOC™ and CAN>GRIP™ Help Meet Demands of Multibillion Dollar HDD Market

The global horizontal directional drilling (HDD) market is expected to reach $14.95 billion by 2022, according to a recent report by Grand View Research, Inc. The HDD market has grown every year and growth will continue to be significant and bullish according to the report. The need for HDD for electrical and natural gas utilities is expected to remain steady, ensuring growth.1 Telecommunication, in particular, grows at a highly profitable rate since HDD is used for installation of cellular towers, cellular transmission lines, and fiber optic lines for the increasing demand for high-speed data transmission. HDD is used to connect underground pipes, wires, cables, and ducts with a trenchless underground drill technique that minimizes damage to infrastructure and environment. Fewer disturbances to commercial activities and traffic, less need for site rehabilitation, and less damage to natural habitats have increased demand for HDD. According to The Balance, a construction trade publication, HDD is safer and less vulnerable to weather issues than open trench work and is ideal for sites sensitive to disruptions like heavy traffic roadways and airport runways.2 To ... Read Full Post